Behavioral Health Intervention Services



What is BHIS?

Behavioral Health Intervention Services is a home-based skill building program for children and adolescents engaging in unhealthy behaviors, such as: being disrespectful, not following directions, verbal/physical aggression, poor listening/communication, truancy, substance abuse, and delinquent behaviors.

Who is eligible to receive BHIS at LifeWorks?

Children (ages 3-21) who have Medicaid (this includes the MCO groups) and a mental health diagnosis are eligible for BHIS.

Do you offer telehealth sessions for BHIS sessions?

Yes. All of our BHIS providers are able to offer telehealth sessions until the emergency declaration is lifted.

What if my child engages in unhealthy behaviors but has not been given a diagnosis?

You may schedule an appointment for an assessment in our office to determine whether BHIS would be an appropriate service for your family.

My child has a therapist. Can they also receive BHIS?

Yes! In fact, it is recommended that those receiving BHIS also participate in therapy. This can occur at LifeWorks or at any agency that provides therapy.

How do I get started with BHIS?

Everyone receiving BHIS must first have a clinical assessment. At LifeWorks, this is completed by your child’s therapist. If you are working with a therapist elsewhere, please ask him/her if they can provide a clinical assessment or if they would like it to be completed at LifeWorks. Once the clinical assessment is completed, your insurance company will be notified that a request for BHIS has been made. They can approve or deny the request based on the information provided by the therapist.

Who decides whether BHIS is appropriate?

Based on the assessment, discussion with the family, and review with your insurance company, a decision is made about whether BHIS is clinically appropriate.

How long does BHIS last?

Based on the clinical review, services are authorized for a specific amount of units to be used over a period of time. Authorizations often allow for 1-2 hours of time spent with the family for 3-6 months.

What if I want to continue after the authorization ends?

BHIS can be reauthorized if the family wants to continue and if it is deemed clinically appropriate. The process for re-authorization is the same as the initial authorization (LPHA, clinical review, etc.)