David Primeau

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The Serious Stuff…

David received a Master of Social Work from the University of Iowa. He enjoys working with individuals and couples. David’s work at LifeWorks is influenced by family systems theory and the neurology of affect, emotion and behavior. David is also trained in EMDR therapy. David has an undergraduate degree in mathematics from the University of California San Diego and a Masters in Business Administration from Indiana University in Bloomington. Prior to joining LifeWorks, David worked for over 20 years in financial services as an actuary, derivative trader, and financial risk manager.

David works out of the Des Moines Office.

The Fun Stuff…

David has a varied and sundry set of interests. He grew up a competitive surfer in Southern California, cooked professionally in San Francisco, is a triathlete, danced in college, currently raises irises and hostas, plays guitar in a band, and still reads books.

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