Family Support Services Program

Through the Family Support Services Program at Life Works, we provide a range of services designed to fit
your family’s needs in addressing conflict resolution, developing effective communication, skill-building
and overall support.

Families may contact Lisa Richards directly at (515)779-7804 to set up an initial phone call to discuss the program details.

Family Services Intake Form

Co-Parenting Support

Improve the parenting relationship by reducing conflict and improving communication,
ultimately protecting and enhancing the overall well-being of the children involved. Parents will
increase conflict resolution skills, and communicate more effectively.

Private In-Home Services

Parent, child, and family support services to address issues within the home. Together we can
create a custom plan to address your family’s needs. Focus can be parenting skills, individual
work with children and teens, family skill building, and supervised visitation.

Therapeutic Supervised Visits

Supervised visitation between children and parents with an emphasis on creating a better bond,
addressing safety and teaching parenting skills.

Court Visitor

Referral made by juvenile court to observe and gather information to report to the court
regarding the best interest of the child.

Parent Coordination

Assisting parents to manage their parenting plan, improve communication, and resolve disputes.
The court may stipulate time frames, area of need, and coordinator role.