Moulton Elementary School

LifeWorks is happy to still be able to provide mental and behavioral health services to families amidst the COVID-19 restrictions currently in place in our state. All of our providers, including school-based therapists, therapists in both Ankeny and Des Moines offices, BHIS workers and our nurse practitioner are providing Telehealth services. These can take place through video or audio options and are simple to set up.

LifeWorks has provided school-based therapy services within Moulton Elementary School (Des Moines Public Schools) since fall of 2018. Moulton Elementary students will have access to a licensed mental health therapist to provide counseling during the school day, allowing for more time to be spent in the classroom rather than traveling to appointments.

LifeWorks partners closely with the school, family, and community to ensure positive outcomes for each student. Issues that might lead to a referral include anxiety, ADHD, behaviors at school or at home, blended families, divorce, death in the family, depression, major life changes, self-esteem, bullying, healthy relationships, self-harm, stress or other concerns.

In addition to therapy services, Moulton Elementary students/families will have access to BHIS services through Lifeworks.

For more information about school-based therapy, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Referrals can be made directly to school guidance counselors, other school staff, or through our main LifeWorks office number at 515-255-8399.