• Jessica


    • The Serious Stuff

      Jessica graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a master's degree in social work. Jessica uses various techniques to help the client better understand the connections between their body, mind, and relationships and how these elements play a role in mental health. She likes to promote relaxation and help individuals better understand the reasons they feel unexplained bodily sensations related to their mental health. Jessica also uses various therapeutic approaches that best suit the individual or family such as CBT, person-centered and family systems therapy.

    • The Fun Stuff

      Jessica has a deep love for animals, and has two dogs and two cats. For most her life she has had no less than 3 pets in her house. Jessica enjoys a wide range of music and uses it for a majority of her self care activities. Jessica has two amazing adult children and a 12 year old that she adores hanging out with. When the grass is green and the air is warm you will find her outside most of the time. When the air is frigid and wind is fierce she will be inside snuggling with the fur babies and watching some historical documentary on Netfilx or Prime.