• Jessica


    • The Serious Stuff...

      Jessica Skoglund-Williams has worked professional with children in the child protection & child welfare system since 1995. Jessica holds a core belief that all families deserve an opportunity to grow & heal together. Having both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work, Jessica’s clinical area of expertise is in trauma-informed care. Jessica maintains a core belief that given the proper professional treatment and guidance, many families can heal together and restore their relationships with one another. Jessica is an avid researcher and relies on the copious amounts of clinical research that has shown that when family healing occurs, maltreatment recidivism rates decrease and families increase their protective capacities over one another. As a result, families are left with tools that will forever change the core fundamental beliefs of the family system.


    • The Fun Stuff

      Jessica enjoys cooking for her family and five boys. In the summer, she likes to go kayaking and bike riding. Jessica cheers for the Iowa Hawkeyes when watching football. Jessica and her husband love traveling.