• Mykala


    • The Serious Stuff...

      Micki holds a bachelors degree from Simpson College and has worked in the world of human services/child welfare for the past 20+ years. Micki has experience working in a residential setting, as a direct service worker, as a child welfare supervisor, and as a policy administrator. She is a firm believer that the very best place for a child to grow up is within his/her own family and it is a passion of hers to help make that happen whenever possible.  Micki says "I am blessed to work within an organization whose goals and mission aligns so closely with my own."

    • The Fun Stuff...

      Micki said if she wasn't a social worker, she would most likely be a CSI (Crime Scene Investigator). She is  addicted to those types of shows on TV and when she's not chasing her kids around at the ball field, she is snuggled down on her couch watching anything Law and Order, Criminal Minds, or CSI.