Jessica LaMotte

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The Serious Stuff

Jessica graduated University of Northern Iowa with a Masters in Social Work. Jessica’s approach is gentle and very much focused on building a safe, confidential, and mutually respectful relationship. She believes in the power of mind body connection, and how mental health issues may manifest physically within the body as unexplained illnesses or pain. Jessica has experience working with veterans, homelessness, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, bi-polar disorder, life transitions, and divorce. She sees client’s above the age of 13, couples, and family counseling. Jessica uses a variety of mental health modalities with the intention of tailoring each treatment to the individual needs of the client.

Jessica sees clients out of the Des Moines office.

The Fun Stuff

Jessica has a special connection to animals. For most her life she has had no less than 3 pets in her house. Jessica enjoys music, art, comedy, reading and continuous learning. She loves to hike the mountains and take pictures of the natural beauty that surrounds her. For Jessica, perspective can either be your prison or your passport.

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